Has it been years since you abandoned your Facebook page as a result of the nature of your work or any other activity? Are you curious about how to revive your inactive Facebook page? If you had a good idea for the page before you abandoned it, don’t panic yet because you can still reach your goals with your Page.


One factor that proves the authenticity of any business or organization is its socials. A company without a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account is likely to lose prospective customers.

It will interest you to know that over 4.26 billion people use social media daily while about 2.91 billion people use Facebook.

Is that not above 65% of social media usage coming from Facebook Alone?

From the above statistics, you must have seen a reason to become more active on Facebook. Now that you know the potential available on Facebook. Let’s go ahead and discuss the importance of having a Facebook page.


Should I revive my inactive Facebook Page or Create a New one?

Building a brand online requires social media presence, personalities like Brian Dean utilized social media platforms to become who he is. It would help if you were thinking of starting all over again with your abandoned social media platforms, especially on Facebook.


Why you should revive your inactive page?

Yes reviving a dead page can be a bit difficult but it’s worth going for. Imagine parking out of your house without telling your friends your new address.

That will eventually be a bad idea, won’t it? If you delete your Facebook page, you will lose your followers, images, videos, and possible audience. A revived page is always better because Facebook algorithm tends to favor old pages.


Deleting is bad for your business. Rather rebuild your inactive Facebook page with the steps listed below.


How to Revive an Inactive Facebook Page


1. Rebrand Your page

The first step to reawakening your dead page is rebranding. Here; you should consider the contents and articles to that will regain the trust of your old followers. Since you have posted for a very long time, your followers barely have you in mind. Brainstorm the right contents that will grab their attention. This should be done before you start posting on your page.


2. Change your cover photo

Your cover photo carries your business identity alongside your profile picture. Consider redesigning your cover photo.

Remember to leave your Profile picture Unchanged. Are you Wondering why you should leave your profile photo unchanged?

If you change both your profile and cover photo, it becomes very difficult for your followers to recall your page when it pops up on their feed. Retaining your identity is a must for reviving an inactive Facebook page.


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3. Starting Posting Constantly

Remember that you are trying to inform Facebook and your audience that you are fully back online. For you to do this; you need to do more than what others in your industry or niche are doing.

In addition; frequent posting will attract Facebook attention to your page due to the increase in reactions on your posts. I usually post about 10 -15 page posts per/day when I work for clients. If you need our service, use our contact us page.


4. Make Quality Post?

If you have been following Singleask, you will understand that we always preach “quality or Quantity”. Every post on your page should be attention-grabbing content.

High-quality posts will always force people to engage on your page.



5. Reply to comments on your page

This section is where brand owners get it wrong. Engaging in deep and detailed conversations with your followers will increase your reach 5x. Surprised? People love getting feedback from pages.

The more comments on your posts, the higher it gets ranked and suggested to others. Start replying to messages and see the magic.


6. Run sponsored posts on Active pages

If you can afford little cash, reach out to pages & groups related to yours, and pay them to reshare or post about you/company. A single post on an active page can transform your page’s activeness overnight.


7. Use Reels

Reels are slowly emerging as the most powerful tool on Facebook. Reels have proven to be an easy means of growing a Facebook page. At night, I post a lot of reels and it gets me massive new followers. Previously we wrote an article on the best ways to get 1 million views on facebook reels.

One important thing about reels is, Your views are not restricted to your friends alone. Anyone can see reels.


8. Do a Giveaway

Free things attract crowds. You can decide to give out Browsing data, Talk-time or Money to the most active followers on your page.


How to run a giveaway on a page

  1. Make an earlier announcement about your giveaway.
  2. Select the appropriate time and day.
  3. Make winning criteria public – personally, the first 5 persons with the highest Shares and invite wins my giveaway.
  4. Monitor activities.
  5. Announce the winners.
  6. Reward winners and post screenshots.


9. Pin a Relevant Post

Pinning a post that has reactions will define your page to new users. Although this is not advisable in some niches.  Sometimes I pin posts with high engagement at the top of my page for more visibility.


10. Invite People to Like Your Page

Facebook has a free button where you can invite friends to like or follow your page. Once you hit that button, An invite will be sent to your friends. You can also invite people who engage and react on your posts. See the image below for guide.



11. Change your Page Button

Your Facebook button gives you control over how to reach your target audience. If you desire to direct your followers to a website; add the learn more button + your website link. For the purpose of reviving your inactive Facebook page, it’s advisable to add the follow button to your page.


12. Go live on your Facebook Page.

Consider going live to interact with your audience. To get many likes during a live video

  • Give your live section a good caption
  • Define your intent.
  • Welcome people
  • Share your idea
  • Give feedback to your audience’s comments
  • Go offline when necessary.



In Summary – These steps have been working for me over the years and I believe they will work for you too.


Why my Facebook page be revived

The only factor that will prevent your inactive page from being revived is multiple violations of Facebook rules.



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